Syrian refugee mom finds hope and strength in Christ

By May 22, 2023

Lebanon (MNN) — Survival is increasingly difficult in Lebanon, especially for Syrian refugees. Nine in 10 refugees have fallen into extreme poverty, the United Nations reports, and two-thirds live in slum-like conditions.

“It’s common to see the mother and her children (in Lebanon) without a husband.”
(Photo courtesy of Heart for Lebanon)

Refugee women emerge as the primary overcomers. “It’s common to see the mother and her children (in Lebanon) without a husband,” Camille Melki with Heart for Lebanon says.

“Most men have either been killed or are in Syria protecting whatever’s left of their livelihood. Or, they are fighting with or against the regime.”

Some refugee women, like Frenge, function as single parents. Even though he is physically present, Frenge’s husband may as well be a million miles away.

“The dad is there but, unfortunately, has been so traumatized by the war in Syria that he is not involved in any family responsibilities. He doesn’t pay attention to the children nor tries to earn any income,” Melki says.

Meeting with Heart for Lebanon’s team encouraged Frenge. The God these believers prayed to filled her heart with peace. Through Christ, Frenge found a strength she didn’t know existed.

“Frenge is now a believer. She is devoted in her attendance and participation in Bible studies,” Melki says.

“Discipleship takes time, but we are already seeing a transformation in her behavior, demeanor, [and] confidence in herself and Christ.”

Pray Frenge’s husband will turn to Jesus for healing and salvation. Ask God to help Frenge raise her kids to follow the Lord.

“We need to raise a new generation that hasn’t been indoctrinated by Islamic teaching. It hasn’t been influenced by radicalism, but rather is peaceful,” Melki says.

“Investment in education is highly needed, and it’s our opportunity to transform the communities for the future.”




Header and story images courtesy of Heart for Lebanon.

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