Weekend retreat prepares veterans for Gospel-focused service

By May 22, 2023

USA (MNN) — A recent training event in the United States equipped military veterans to serve in the local church.

Last month, 16 veterans came together from different service branches for the Warriors Set Free: Georgia inaugural weekend event. Several participants learned about the event through Mission Network News.

“Mission Network News aired a [story] like this at the beginning of April. I happened to be on spring break with my wife at the time, and my phone and email were blowing up [with messages,]” says Steve Prince, Army veteran and Director of Warriors Set Free, a division of Set Free Ministries.

“I connected with veterans all over the country who were interested in helping our [veteran] brothers and sisters find their identity in Christ.”

(Graphic courtesy of Warriors Set Free)

Warriors Set Free helps veterans build their faith, heal from the past, and win life’s battles. More about that here.

“Everybody has some baggage (trauma) they’re carrying around. Veterans have an extra layer of either combat experience or, at a minimum, being away from their families for training,” Prince says.

“These weekend events are designed to help them unpack the weight. We set the stage for vulnerability. We share our stories in a pretty raw way, allowing them to be open and honest about who they are and what they’ve been through.”

Some participants at the April event served together in Afghanistan. “One gentleman I met was a company commander, and he reached out to a bunch of men he deployed with [in the] 2008-2009 timeframe,” Prince says.

“They came to this event and now know each other better than when they deployed together. They have deeper relationships anchored in their faith in Jesus Christ.”

While the fellowship is a good thing, these retreats aim to equip believers to serve. “One of the things we see with veterans is they get things done, but so many of us are carrying so much weight from the past,” Prince says.

“When you deal with your junk from your past, now you’re more willing and able to serve others, build the church, and bring other people into the family of God.”

Connect with Warriors Set Free here to learn more. Use the prompts listed alongside this article to pray for the ministry.

“Any veteran who has a heart for Jesus and wants to minister to other veterans, let’s spend some time on the phone or in a Zoom call together,” Prince says.



Header and story images courtesy of Warriors Set Free.

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