Warriors Set Free seeks Christian veterans

By April 6, 2023

USA (MNN) — In the United States, the veteran suicide rate is 50 percent higher than the general population. Warriors Set Free, a division of Set Free Ministries, has a solution – introduce the hurting to Christ, who offers freedom and healing.

Veterans testify online that Warriors Set Free’s approach works, and the ministry is ready to do more. There’s only one problem.

“We need more veterans who are willing to get trained up [and] be ready to help whoever calls them at three in the morning and says, ‘I’m not doing [well], I need to talk,’” Warriors Set Free Director Steve Prince says.

“We need healthy veterans to be mentors and [look] after [those] that are struggling.”

Warriors Set Free, a veteran-to-veteran ministry, helps struggling individuals win life’s battles by healing past wounds and growing in faith. Learn more here.

Warriors Set Free needs strong believers from all generations, services, and backgrounds.
(Photo courtesy of Warriors Set Free)

The ministry expanded from Michigan to Georgia in 2021. Now, “we’re looking at [adding] Texas, Florida, and possibly Vegas (Nevada),” Prince says.

“We’re looking to engage with every veteran in the country; there [are] about 18 million.”

To connect veterans nationwide with the only One who can heal their scars, Warriors Set Free needs your help. If you’re a veteran, contact Warriors Set Free here.

“It’s an honor to take the leadership skills we were given in the military and use those to help a brother or sister who served with us grow their faith. And, when the enemy comes in and tries to discourage us, we know how to fight against that,” Prince says.

“Hopefully, we’ll be flooded with [requests from] people that want to learn how to encourage others through building their faith.”

Consider supporting this work here. “Like every ministry, we need financial support,” Prince says.

“We figured out that it takes about $300,000 per year to launch a new office.”



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