Extremists historically strong, Gospel still spreading rapidly

By July 13, 2007

International (MNN) — With Christian-Muslim tensions mounting throughout the world, Global Advance is preparing in case of a future evangelistic paradigm shift.

In the event that the door slams shut to foreigners, GAM wants indigenous leaders to be prepared. "The times being as volatile as they are, it is very, very incumbent that we once again seize this historic sense of urgency for the Gospel," said David Shibley.

In the next two months, GAM will be traveling to nearly 20 countries to hold training conferences for church leaders and Christian business people. The conferences are
designed to create evangelistic vision and provide ministry tools. "Any piece of material, any resource in so many developing nations is just viewed as gold by these dear pastors who are very capable and yet have very limited resources. So we're very grateful that we can give both inspiration and challenge for the fulfilling of the Great Commission."

Shibley said they want to put "a mission ethos, an evangelistic impetus" in the hearts of the indigenous leaders. 

The evidence of the threat to evangelism can be clearly seen. Release International said, "Sharia law–strict Islamic law–is gaining ground in many nations, resulting in a
challenge to basic human freedoms." This is the case in Britain, which has been labeled the "number one target" for Islamic extremists by a former mosque leader. 

Muslims are gaining access to resources like never before. They are finding ways to be
heard even if it means through violence, especially to Christians who converted from Islam.

Since 1990, GAM has trained more than 300,000 leaders in 74 countries at their conferences.  "We believe that God is using this strategy, we see it over and over again, for the planting of new churches for the advance of the Gospel, and turning the church
in the developing nations of the world themselves into a missionary-sending church, and this is very encouraging," said Shibley.

Despite the growing strength of Muslim extremists, Shibley believes the church is growing just as quickly. "There is a rapid expanse of the Gospel, and we need to encourage that, fan the flames of that," said Shibley.

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