Families are needed to help orphans in Guatemala.

By November 5, 2003

Guatemala (MNN) — With adoption laws rule unconstitutional by the Guatemalan Supreme court, adoptions are once again open in that country. But, that brings with it the need for adoptive families. That’s the message from Bethany Christian Services‘ Bruce Mossburg.

Adoptions came to a halt when the rules changed just months ago. Even though adoptions are once again going forward, Mossburg says the system is still feeling its affects. He says children were the ones that suffered most. He says, “There have been children of course who haven’t been able to be placed, and then you know, the families that we had either are finished or withdrew. We had like 84 placements last year and this year we would have had 100 families in process. I think now we have eight. We very much need families.”

Mossburg says Bethany is appealing to the Christian public for help. “Kids in Christian homes, that’s our priority for the Christian education. From a Christian compassion point of view, a lot of these kids if they don’t find home end up on the street or in orphanages where they languish.”

While adoptive families are needed, Mossburg says it’s not something you do out of the goodness of your heart. He says, “You need to be called to adopt. It’s not an easy process and there are special issues that (families have to deal with) when you adopt.”

If you’d like more information you can call Bethany at 800-652-7082.

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