Fans feed the hungry with goats

By April 20, 2009

International (MNN) — What happens when you mix a hockey fan, some goats and one creative plan? A lot of mouths fed, if you ask Joel Nagtegaal.

Nagtegaal is from Canada and loves watching his favorite hockey team win. He also loves to see God provide for needy families. So this playoff season, he decided to dedicate himself to buying one goat for a family in need every time his hockey team wins a playoff game. He is encouraging others to join him in his endeavor.

The hope is to buy at least sixteen goats for families across the globe. Nagtegaal is donating goats through Christian Reformed World Relief Center, which uses the animals in some of its programs.

Goats are wonderful resources for poor families. They provide milk to nourish the family and children with needed vitamins, meat and eventually offspring to produce more goats for more families. They also are relatively cheap to take care of since they will eat almost anything.

More important than even nutrition, the goats are a representation of Christ's love to the recipients. As CRWRC helps families by giving them a gift, they bring them health and food, building trust with the families and opportunities to share the Gospel. Just one goat may result in eternal significance.

Nagtegaal's generosity will undoubtedly be most welcome by those receiving the goats. At any rate, it gives Nagtegaal a little more purpose behind his cheering while watching the playoffs.

If you would like to participate in buying a goat when your favorite hockey team is victorious, or if you are not a hockey fan but just want to help, click here. Each goat can be purchased for $25 through CRWRC.

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