HCJB is holding an outreach contest

By April 20, 2009

USA (MNN) — A ministry headquartered in the United States is doing more than reaching out via radio and health care; they're encouraging you to be a "doer of the Word" — a "James 1:22" Christian. It's part of HCJB Global's Me and My Household campaign–an effort to reach families, communities and the world for Christ.

The campaign has been rolled out in phases. And today, HCJB Global is launching the "Be the Voice and Hands of Jesus" contest. HCJB president Wayne Pederson explains: "We're encouraging listeners to declare and demonstrate Christ's love through a missions project, either in your community, within the U.S., or globally. Tell us what you're doing to be the voice and hands of Jesus this summer. The winners will receive a nice $200 cash prize and also a Flip Cam to record your activities on video."

According to Pederson, this is an integral part of the Me and My Household campaign. "If households change, then communities change. If communities change, cities change. And if cities change, a culture can change, and a nation can change."

The deadline for the contest is August 1. "You can enter the contest by going to our Web site, HCJBGlobal.org/contest," says Pederson. "Fill out the entry form and tell us about an experience in which you were being the 'voice and hands' of Jesus through outreach."

HCJB hopes the contest will do two things: First, provide others with ideas for outreach. "All the projects will be posted on our Web site. People will be able to go on there and vote," says Pederson." Also, "We're hoping that the cash prize will help them in fundraising for what they're doing because they'll be able to use the $200 as a contribution to the ministry they are performing this summer."

You must be 18 years of age or older. Click here to enter.

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