Fear of additional terrorist attacks plague Beslan; Christians urged to pray.

By February 11, 2005

Russia (MNN) — It’s been just over five months since the Beslan school seige that killed more than 330 people.

As the Beslan community continues to recover from the terror of those days in September, disturbing news from Chechen rebels has raised fears once again in the minds of already-scarred residents of Beslan.

Recently, Shamil Basayev, the Chechen terrorist who ordered the Beslan school siege, used a British News interview to warn of more terror.

Sergey Rakhuba of Russian Ministries was in Beslan at the time this newscast was released. He said the response was one of fear, “He [Basayev] showed up on the TV there, threatening that a lot more Beslan-type attacks are planned in that area. And it’s definitely scared lots of people, especially in Northern Caucasus.”

As they were leaving Beslan, more disturbing news came from a nearby village and brought more fear. A three-day standoff between a group of terrorists and Russian police ended in a shoot-out that killed all the terrorists and several Russian forces.

Rakhuba says the people of Beslan live in this state of fear and prayer is still an urgent need, “I want to challenge all believers around the world to continue praying for the situation, especially for Russian Ministries’ team that is there in Beslan ministering to those people, who are so much under fear that anything will happen again like in Beslan, and people are so afraid for their children. They don’t want them to be part of big crowds. They don’t want them to go to school.”

Through a 24-hour counseling center in Beslan, Russian Ministries is providing emotional, spiritual and financial help to those affected.

In the wake of the massive devastation of the tsunami, the little community of Beslan and its tragedy is overshadowed, says Rakhuba, but the people of Beslan were quick to share in and understand others’ needs in times of tragedy. Beslan was one of the first communities in Russie to respond in an effort to raise money for tsunami relief.

If you would like to help Russian Ministries with their continuing work in Beslan, go to www.Russian-Ministries.org or call toll free in the USA 1.888.462.7639.

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