Feed Their Future kicks off for 2014

By July 11, 2014
Nairobi Slums (Photo courtesy of Bright Hope)

Nairobi Slums (Image courtesy of Bright Hope)

Kenya (MNN) — There are many differences between the West and developing countries in the world. For instance, while education is taken for granted and often seen as a pain for students in developed countries, children in poorer areas view education as the unobtainable key to a better future.

Bright Hope International is working, along with many partners, to make this key more accessible to those stuck in the rut of poverty.

Photo courtesy of Bright Hope

(Image courtesy of Bright Hope)

Earlier this week, the 2014 “Feed Their Future” campaign kicked off.

Last year, the campaign raised nearly $200,000–an amount that provided thousands of children an education and a steady source of food.

These children are located in one of the oldest and largest slums in Nairobi Kenya, called Mathare Valley. Bright Hope says there are an estimated 600,000 people living in this one square mile.

Photo courtesy of Bright Hope

(Image courtesy of Bright Hope)

The feeding program has enabled children for seven years to break the cycle of poverty in their family. While being educated, they are fed two hot meals a day, and many graduate with a degree that provides them with a liveable wage.

This year, Bright Hope has set a larger goal of $250,000. If this goal is met, $140,000 will feed and educate 1400 children for one year, $60,000 will provide 30 vocational scholarships to high-performing secondary school graduates, and $50,000 will provide benefits for the school teachers so they can continue teaching.

Similar to many other ministries, some of the proceeds from “Feed Their Future” goes toward sustainability initiatives.

Justin Masterson (Photo Courtesy of Bright Hope)

Justin Masterson
(Photo Courtesy of Bright Hope)

Once again, Justin Masterson, a baseball player for the Cleveland Indians, is partnering with Bright Hope along with Moody Radio Cleveland and many other partners. You can find out more about that here.

Watch this informational video to learn more about the Mathare Valley slums and how Bright Hope and their national partners are finding opportunities to share the hope of the Gospel.

Want to help? Click here to give to the “Feed Their Future” effort.


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