Fewer chaplains in the U.S. Military

By September 7, 2010

USA (MNN) — Last week United States President Barak Obama announced an end to combat operations in Iraq. That's good news to military families whose loved ones are in harm's way in this troubled region of the world. But that doesn't mean trouble is over, as suicide bombers continue their attempts to stymie the peace.

As fatalities continue to mount, U.S. military chaplains are being used by God to minister to soldiers and their families both at home and abroad.

Biblica has been a friend of soldiers for years, providing resources to help chaplains minister to soldiers headed into service. Biblica's Director of Military Ministries Mark Rader says, "There is a shortage, as I understand, of chaplains."

But Rader says this isn't dampening their enthusiasm for ministry. "The people that I've been with–the chaplains and chaplain assistants–are really committed to getting the ministry to the military."

Biblica provides specific military Scripture resources to help their ministry. "We're helping to provide Bibles and other spiritual resources for the men and women in the military and even much broader for our ministry around the world."

Those in the military seem to be more open to reading God's Word as they face their own mortality each time they go to the field. Rader says that why their Chaplain fund is important. "We're able to grant Scripture at no cost to military units going overseas and also those here in the States. We also have an ability to put their unit imprint on the front of the Bibles. And the chaplains tell me that enhances the possibility that many of the soldiers will pick up the Bibles."

Biblica could use your help to resupply their grant program. Your financial and prayer support will ensure soldiers are able to receive God's Word.

For every $3.50 you donate, Biblica will supply an NIV Camouflage Bible to a military chaplain. With the ongoing troop rotation, the need is great. Please give generously. Biblica will quickly get the Bibles into the hands of those ministering to our military.

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