Fewer twentysomethings are being found in churches in the United States.

By October 3, 2003

USA (MNN) — Fewer and fewer people that are in their 20’s are going to church. Barna Research suggests that three out of 10 people, who grew up in the church, aren’t attending after graduation.

American Missionary Fellowship’s Lee Isley says AMG is already addressing the problem by starting Biblical ‘Learning Communities’. “We believe as we engage people in just studying the Bible, that the Bible itself will transform people. And, having been transformed as children and youth we pray that transformation will manifest itself in young adulthood.”

Isley isn’t sure why young people abandon church when they graduate. He says, “we’re find that this spread of people who are disconnected from the local church is growing.”

Isley hopes these new learning communities will help address the issue of Biblical literacy. He says there is a need. “We’re looking for 20 missionaries who are committed to establishing 5 Bible studies a year,” says Isley. He says funding is needed to help support this outreach.

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