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By July 23, 2007

USA (MNN) — You can look through a photo essay about poverty, learn about poverty, take a quiz, or watch a video all in the same place and then forward it to a friend. Global poverty is an overwhelming issue to face, but Compassion International's new "You Can" campaign is trying to make poverty something everyone can understand and do something about. 

"We wanted to create some resources for folks that not only showed how easy it is to understand global poverty but how easy it is to get involved in the fight," said Tim Glenn from Compassion International.

The "You Can" Web site is an interactive journey. There are two main areas. "One piece is called ‘Find Your Voice'–that's the 'get educated' piece. And the
other is ‘Speak Up.' That's the 'get involved' with practical ways that you
can join in on the fight against poverty," said Glenn.

The main thrust of the Web site is empowerment. "Everyone of your listeners can get involved right now in the fight against poverty, whether its sponsoring a child or praying
for those who are struggling in poverty or getting involved in a campaign for your church, or whatever. That's the goal of the 'You Can' campaign," said Glenn.

There are ways for teenagers, college students, children and adults to get involved. "Its more of a heart thing, and I think God can use a child as much as He can use a grown-up." Share what you're doing about poverty in the "Share Your Hear" section.

"My prayer is that people will go to this Web site, that they will use these resources to learn more about poverty and how they can get involved in the fight against poverty. Then they can share those resources with their friends, with their family, with their church so we can start a movement of people getting involved in the fight against global poverty," said Glenn.

"You Can" could sweep the nation quickly via MySpace and YouTube where "You Can" poverty videos will be posted as well. 

Go here to experience it yourself and don't forget to tell a friend.

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