Ministry shares need for Navajo Nation outreach

By July 20, 2007

— The estimated native American Indian population in the United States
is 1.7 million. A small percentage of American Indians have heard the
message of Christ, and fewer still have given their hearts to Christ.

That's what compelled Bible Pathway Ministries to respond to
a plea for help from "Widow's Mite Mission." The small agency is working on the Navajo
Reservation in Arizona,
but they didn't have funds enough for evangelism and discipleship resources.

They turned to Bible Pathway, and the team responded by
assembling a shipment. About the time
they finished putting it together, postage and shipping rates increased. That means BPM has been unable to send the
pallets (approximately one-thousand pounds) because the shipping costs have

Bible Pathway's Al Joslyn says they're turning to volunteer
help. "We're looking for some
company or an individual that would be willing to pick materials here at our Murfreesboro, Tennessee
location and take them to the Flagstaff,
Arizona area. These materials include Navajo language
Bibles, English Bibles and materials that are needed for building up the
saints there."

What happens if the monies don't come in? Joslyn says,
"We're going to ask the Lord to provide that, and we're believing [God] for
that. But if we don't, we're going to try to make the arrangements financially
here to get that accomplished. It would
be quite expensive for normal trucking. There are two pallet loads, but we will get them there and I know the
Lord's going to help us do that."

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