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By February 4, 2016
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Latin America (MNN) — The 2016 Olympic Games will carry on in Brazil this August, despite a widespread outbreak of the Zika virus.

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Officials are taking extra measures to prevent contamination, but the Games carry with them a threat of another insidious epidemic: human trafficking.

Trafficking and exploitation are ugly topics, but they’re reality for 27 million people worldwide. Half of those victims are kids.

You can help protect the innocent by fighting human trafficking, both in Latin America and abroad.

“Children are being forced to work; they’re being forced to have sex with up to 30 people in one day, or one evening,” shares E3 Partners‘ Katie Brown, the Coordinator for E3’s Priceless ministry.

“I really think that God has a huge heart for this, and it’s something we can take a stand against.”

Human trafficking & Rio 2016



As explained here, “Where there is tourism, there is also sex tourism.” Exploitation was a major concern in the lead-up to 2014’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

The same concerns remain today, as Brazil will be hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro this August.

Brown says E3’s Priceless cube is an effective tool for fighting human trafficking before it even starts. Learn how the Priceless cube works here.

“It works with law enforcement; it works with local churches, and it really is an entry-point to their [at-risk individuals’] lives, and eventually to getting to share the Gospel with them.”

4 ways to start fighting human trafficking

If God places it on your heart to protect the innocent, E3 shares four ways you can put that desire into action.


  • Ask the Lord what He’s calling you to do, now that you know.
  • Pray for the literal and eternal freedom for anyone who’s trapped in human trafficking.
  • Pray that believers in Latin America will start fighting human trafficking in their communities.


Connect with E3 here to discover how they are fighting human trafficking.


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The Priceless Cube (Photo courtesy E3 Resources)

E3’s Priceless ministry equips churches around the world to prevent human trafficking. Using the Priceless cube, E3 seeks to educate those who are at risk, draw them out of their desperation, and bring them the hope of Jesus.

With your help, E3 can accomplish the following:

$8 = Produce 1 Cube
$144 = Produce 24 Cubes
$384 = Produce 96 Cubes
$100 = Translate the Priceless Cube into a new language
$250 = Develop new training videos in new languages.

Click here to help E3 Partners prevent slavery before it starts.


In 2016, E3 Partners is fighting human trafficking in four countries: Thailand, Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Colombia.

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