FilSIM the ‘future’ of SIM Philippines

By December 3, 2008

Philippines (MNN) — The Philippines branch of Serving In
Mission International
has a new logo to help them "be light in a dark place."
This new logo allows the SIM team to reach out to ethnic minorities while
maintaining a neutral atmosphere. SIM Philippines has 17 Filipinos and 11
non-Filipino workers who are part of a ministry called FilSIM – Filipinos
Serving Isa al-Masih, or Jesus the Messiah.

FilSIM's new logo represents the aim of the ministry while
still appealing to nonbelievers. Graphics in the logo depict a gravestone
rolling away to reveal the light of Christ's resurrection. Believers understand
the symbolism, but the people FilSIM seeks to reach might only see graphics
that appeal to them. By including only initials in the logo, workers have the
opportunity to explain FilSIM to any who ask, while maintaining a low profile
for those who don't.

FilSIM allows non-Filipinos to be involved in a ministry
that is Filipino-led. The 17 Filipinos serving FilSIM presently are engaged in
six different communities in the Philippines. Since FilSIM was formed three
years ago, 36 short-term missionaries have been placed by SIM Philippines
compared to only 3 short-term missionaries between 1984 and 2000. Although the
increase adds to the administrative workload, chances of getting missionaries
to return long-term also increase. FilSIM is presently assembling Filipino
leadership to help the ministry continue when current missionaries leave the

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