Financial and group dependency obstacles in view for the Jesus Film

By November 27, 2008

International (MNN) – The Jesus Film Project has now translated the Jesus Film in well over 1000 languages and now has only 500 languages left to go. The goal is to complete dubbings of the film in every language with 100,000 speakers or more by the year 2017. While the Jesus Film Project upholds this goal, financial concerns have been somewhat troubling.

Due to the downturn in economics everywhere-from Japan, to the Eurozone, to the US-the Jesus Film has had to "tighten its belt," according to Scott Pendleton, the Chief of Staff for the Jesus Film Project. Through October they have been on track financially, but are unsure about the turn-out for the remaining months.

"About 30 percent of our total giving is received during the months of November and December," says Pendleton. "So we're anticipating that there may be a significant down-turn in the amount of donations that we have; and if so we will need to tighten our belt even further."

This expected financial dissipation may affect the Project's ability to perform all it would have otherwise. Further setbacks include that 400 of the 500 remaining languages to receive the film do not have translations of the Gospel of Luke yet. Because the film is based off of this book, without accurate and available translations, the film will lack relevance or tangibility.

"We want to have the Jesus Film, when it's recorded, based on a translation of Luke that has been translated by somebody who has been trained in Bible translation principles, so that there's continuity between what they would hear from scripture or read (if they're able to read) and what they will see on the film," says Pendleton.

The Jesus Film has been working closely with reputable organizations such as Wycliffe Bible Translators as a result. Thankfully, Wycliffe's goals align with the Jesus Film's, maintaining the hope of beginning Bible translations in every language by the year 2020, thus allowing the Jesus Film to finish its work as the Gospel of Luke is translated. Unfortunately, both organizations are feeling the pull of financial strains.

Pendleton suggests a hope to pool resources with other organizations within the body of Christ, as they are all headed toward a common goal. He asks us to pray for unity between these groups. Pendleton also adds, "Pray that we would work together and that God's Holy Spirit would empower us to effectively be harvesters in his Kingdom."

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