First 23 graduates from Orachaga school

By March 9, 2009

Ethiopia (MNN) — 23 students have graduated this month to become some of the first students to do so from the Mursi people in Ethiopia.

The Mursi had never been interested in education before, nor was it available to them before the Orachaga school was founded four years ago. Previously, their slightly peculiar lifestyles had not allowed them access the typical educational world. The informal approach of SIM International missionaries Debby and Tim Ricker, however, attracted 100 students to Orachaga right away.

The 23 who have recently finished as the first graduates of the school range from 12 to 35-years-old. These graduates now have a grasp on the importance of education for their lives and their people, and 14 of them will be continuing their educations formally through boarding schools.

More exciting is the way these students have been taught to love the Lord. After observing the students, one government official noted that they "have the fear and understanding of God." The graduates will undoubtedly be an inspiration to the Mursi people to take education seriously but also to live a life dedicated to the Lord.

SIM International wants you to pray that the 14 students will not give up in their endeavors. Pray also for the four girls of the 14 who would like to finish their educations before they get married. Above all, pray that they would keep the faith and be a light to their people and to all those who hear their stories.

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