First year of ministry already has big hopes

By September 12, 2008

Ethiopia (MNN) — CURE International is glad to open a brand
new teaching hospital in Ethiopia– the first of its kind.

The CURE Ethiopia Children's Hospital will specialize in two areas: first, in pediatric orthopedics, and secondly, in pediatric plastic reconstruction. The surgeries and treatments they perform will address the complications of clubfoot, cleft lip
and palate, burn contractures, and other physical disabilities.

As a teaching hospital, they will constantly be building up a new generation of surgeons capable of growing the work. Diagnostic methods such as ultrasound, enhanced X-ray, and laboratory services will be taught which are currently not available in Ethiopia. 

There are 60 beds and plenty of state-of-the-art equipment: ECG machines, pulse oximetry, anesthetic gas monitoring, and C-arm mobile X-ray units. On top of the surgical training,
other Ethiopians will be trained in maintenance and operation of the equipment.

CURE's mission to reach children and their families with both physical and spiritual healing will be accomplished at CECH. They hope to do 1,000 surgeries and treat 5,000 outpatients in their first year. 700,000 children have already experienced the healing touch of CURE's
medical staff worldwide. 

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