Flood toll rising in the Philippines

By January 26, 2011

Philippines (MNN) — Heavy flooding in the Philippines has affected nearly
two million people.

About a third of the country's 80 provinces, mainly in central and southern
regions, have been inundated by floodwaters since the rains began in late

Damages are estimated at $40 million, but thus far, the country still has
rice and corn production to fall back on in the north and western parts of the

In Samar, child development centers and children assisted by Compassion International have been affected. Several
children lost their homes to flash flooding, and the brother of a sponsored
child was killed.

The government has also issued advisories against fishing in the northern
and central parts of the country as strong winds could trigger big waves.

However, fishing and farming are the only sources of income for most of the
fathers of the sponsored children. In addition,
the flooding has also resulted in rats infesting the crops, and plants and
trees being toppled.

Compassion is meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the families and
children in these areas through church partners. Please pray for an end to the
rain. Pray for the Lord to provide a source of income for the fathers who are
fishermen and farmers. More prayer points are here.


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