Flooded Philippines brace for more rain

By August 14, 2012

Philippines (MNN) — Philippine authorities say an intensifying
storm could bring more trouble to the flooded capital and surrounding areas.

Already, there are nearly half a million people taking refuge in
evacuation centers. According to Alert
Net, over three million families in 167 towns and 20 cities where affected in
the greater Manila area alone. Over
444,000 are displaced.

The news of another impending deluge is not what authorities
wanted to hear. Water had just begun to
recede slowly. Despite word that parts
of Manila were not battling water borne diseases, other missionaries in the
lower income areas are asking emergency help for some of the half million
victims of massive flooding in the Pasig River Delta.

Christian Aid Mission is supporting some ministries in the
area. Spokesman Bill Bray says the
reports they're getting from the scene indicate that "there's standing water,
and it's turned into one giant cesspool." Water is neck deep in some
places, waist deep in others. Power is
still out in many areas, but everything is in chaos. 

Bray says they're told that "the floodgates are wide open, and
this water continues to pour in. It's stagnating, and it's just filthy. The garbage,
the sewage, everything is just floating in this swamp."

As a result, disease is spreading rapidly. 85 have died so far, and hundreds more are expected to die in the next few days. Filipino
missionaries are helping displaced families with emergency food and water kits
costing about $30 each.

Christian leaders are raising funds to deliver Family Relief Packs
for the homeless. Bray explains, "They're
doing pastoral care by extension, by boat, floating aid in, walking it in, and
swimming in, and wading in to their people. Mostly, it's delivering bottled
water and Rescue Kits."

Each FRP consists of a sleeping mat, cooking pot, water pot,
mosquito net, 3 kilos of rice, 5 cans of food, and 10 packs of noodles and a
large bottle of drinking water.

Bible distribution, evangelistic meetings, and one-on-one
counseling continue as missionaries use rafts, boats and improvised floats to
reach the victims. Bray says, "There's still evangelism going on and
meetings and comforting the sick and trying to help the older people and folks that
are stuck."

Pray for safety and wisdom for the teams that are braving these
conditions to reach those who remain in the slum areas.

Christian Aid Mission has assisted indigenous missions in the
Philippines since it was founded by Dr. Bob Finley in 1953 and has mission
partners in all the islands of the archipelago. Besides Luzon, there is
extensive flooding in Mindanao as well.

The Christian Aid Mission, located in
Charlottesville, Virginia has established an emergency fund to respond to appeals
for aid.

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