Leadership summit equips 70,000

By August 13, 2012

USA (MNN) — Rejection is often a painful experience. Rejection three out of four times? That’s even more difficult.

Leading in the face of rejection was part of the message by keynote speaker and pastor Bill Hybels at Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit last week.

The summit was held in Chicago, Illinois August 9-10. It was also broadcast by satellite to over 200 host sites. Over 70,000 Christian leaders from all over the world attended.

Wayne Pederson with HCJB Global went to the summit along with 15 other members of the HCJB staff. He says, “Bill Hybels talked about the parable of the sower. Three out of the four soils in which the seed was planted rejected the seed. Only one out of the four bore fruit. So he said if there’s a 75% rejection rate of the seed we sow as spreaders of the Gospel, we need to plant more seeds.”

Increasing the spread of the Gospel is what HCJB is all about. And to do that, Christian leaders need to be trained; especially nationals from various countries.

Members of HCJB attended The Global Leadership Summit to be better trained for impact in the Gospel.

“The main focus is giving leaders tools that they can use to be more effective,” says Pederson of the summit. “After Bill gave his initial mini Bible study on the parable of the seeds, he went on to talk about leadership succession and a method that he had found very effective in his strategic planning: what he called the six by six.”

Christian leaders at the summit were given a framework for creating tangible goals in ministry. The six by six strategy asks, “What six things do I want to contribute to the church in the next six months?”

Pederson says HCJB is intentional in their leadership. First, “that means putting good leadership principles into practice in our organization. It means secondly that we’re developing the next layer of leaders…. And number three, we are modeling leadership around the world in places we work like Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia, Spain, Europe, and all around the world.”

Pray for Christian leaders around the world to have greater impact for the Gospel. Pray for HCJB as they strengthen their leaders for global ministry.

Registration is open for upcoming Global Leadership Summit dates. Click here to learn more.

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