Flooding kills 20 in Pakistan

By September 17, 2021

Pakistan (MNN) — At least 20 people died in Northern Pakistan after monsoon rains and mudslides. In total, 160 have died in the country from rain during this monsoon season.

Brian Dennett says an AMG International team is on the ground in the area, helping Afghan refugees resettle after fleeing the Taliban. “They called out to us for help yesterday, explaining that in much of their area, they’ve got water as high as five feet deep. It’s continuing to rise. Many people in the area have lost crops just in the last 10 days as a result. I know some of our facilities there are currently underwater.”

The team has been working near Lahore, Pakistan’s second-largest city, to welcome the refugees and help them resettle. The rain only makes the situation more complicated for these people, who had hoped to find safety and security in Pakistan.

Photo courtesy of AMG International.

How to help

It’s the worst flooding for the region in 10 years, and the rain hasn’t slowed down yet. Sewage systems overflowing puts people even more at risk.

Dennett talks about the humanitarian needs in the region. “With the loss of crops, there is a desperate need for food and hygiene supplies. They really need our help, and also our prayers that they will be able to get through this time.”

You can help AMG be the hands and feet of Jesus in this region. Donate at amghelp.org. Dennett says, “We are looking to help immediately 400 families with food and hygiene supplies right in that area.”

Pray the rain would end, and that the waters would recede. Ask God to rest His presence and comfort on refugees into the area and those who have lost homes or loved ones in the flooding.



The header photo shows flooding in the area. Photo courtesy of AMG international.