Flooding waters are receding in Bangladesh, but needs are great

By August 26, 2004

Bangladesh (MNN) – Millions of people are spending their days and nights on the street. 45 districts were under water, highways collapsed and hundreds have been killed. Monsoon flooding in Bangladesh is being described as the worst flooding in decades. The waters are receding now, but the needs are still great.

IN Network’s Bangledesh Executive Director Smith Adhikhary says, “Today’s newspaper said that about one hundred people have died due to snakebite. I need your prayers so that at least in this grave situation we can do something for the distress of our people. Our Bethany and Naogaon project work has been suspended. (But), or workers are all well, although there are some minor problems with their families.”

Snake bites are common as snakes look for dry ground, too and that means snakes and people occupy the same area. There isn’t any clean drinking water, people are getting sick and food is scarce. IN Network is appealing for financial assistance.

IN’s Rody Rodeheaver says they already have the capacity to respond to this emergency without having to set up something new. “The ministry there has already begun to reach out, supplying medical assistance through the IN Network Medical team, which consists of two doctors and three nurses. And, this is being done in faith that the Lord will provide the funds needed,” he says.

You financial gift can help IN Network share a message of hope with thousands in Bangladesh. Pray that many will turn to Christ as a result.

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