Food is running out in Syria

By October 26, 2012

Syria (MNN) — There are over 1.5 million displaced people who have lost their homes in Syria. The Evangelical Free Church Mission (EFCA) has given generously to help refugees.

As the violence in Syria rages on, the refugees have continued to come for help. Hundreds of families have been served in two small villages, far from the violence.

When the refugees come for help they receive food portions that can help them survive for up to two weeks. This $50 food portion gives hope to the families.

Without an end to the violence, the capacity and supply of food will soon become an issue. EFCA asks for prayer that they continue to receive resources needed to serve each family. They ask that people like you continue to give and also spread the word about this growing ministry.

Another prayer need for EFCA is for safety. The aid workers must travel between the two villages with supplies. During the trip, they run into armed groups looking to kidnap and even kill aid workers. Pray for the protection of the workers as they travel. A verse that they cling to is Psalm 18:30, "He is a shield for all those who take refuge in Him."


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