For Haiti With Love shares hope in the midst of unrest

By February 16, 2024
For Haiti With Love, cross, Cap Haiten

Haiti (MNN) — Peace and safety are far from the country of Haiti, but that doesn’t mean hope is gone.

Protests have spiked all around the country as people call for Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s resignation. Henry signed a non-binding accord in 2022 that general elections and a transfer of power would happen by February 7, 2024. That did not happen.

(Photo courtesy For Haiti With Love)

Henry says Haiti’s national security needs to be brought higher before elections can take place. This is not the first call for Henry’s resignation, nor the first time elections have been pushed back during his time in office since 2021. 

In the midst of the national turmoil, For Haiti With Love’s doors remain open. 

Roseline DeHart with For Haiti With Love says their clinic helps anyone who needs it, whether from cuts, bullet wounds, burns or other needs. They also give out food when possible. 

“We are there to help them whoever they are. No question asked,” DeHart says. 

According to the U.S. Agency for International Development, 2.5 million Haitians live on less than $1.25 USD per day. 

“If they can eat today, they thank God. But they might not be able to eat tomorrow,” says DeHart. 

“One egg costs 50 cents, but not everybody is able to get that 50 cents. With the riots happening this week, the food prices went up even higher. They might eat one time a day, or two times a week. It’s whatever they can afford.”

There are some 300 gangs present in the country, but For Haiti has the respect of their community.

(Photo courtesy of For Haiti with Love).

“They know that we help people, that’s what we do. And we’ve been doing it for so long and in the same place, so if somebody tell them they need to go to For Haiti With Love, they will let them pass to get to the clinic.” DeHart says. 

“When we do something for somebody, (such as) give them a bag of food, they always ask us why are we doing this? We (tell) them that Jesus paid the price for them already. It’s all because of Jesus. A lot of time they ask us, ‘Who is this Jesus?’”

You can come alongside For Haiti through prayer and partnership to help those who have nowhere else to go. 

“We do pray there (are) election(s) someday. But we don’t know when it will (take place). We just keep praying and keep doing our jobs,” DeHart says.

“We ask people for prayers, too. We ask people for help so we can continue to help the people in Haiti.”





Header photo of cross over Cap-Haitien courtesy of For Haiti With Love.

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