Haitians protest, demanding removal of PM

By September 14, 2022

Haiti (MNN) — Across Haiti, protests have erupted demanding the removal of current Prime Minister Ariel Henry.


Haitians grow desperate as gang violence ravages the country. Travel remains difficult due to the constant fighting, and prices for food and fuel have sharply increased. The inflation rate has reached 30 percent.

Henry’s office promised to alleviate the situation, including social programs for extreme poverty and stocking gas stations.

Eva DeHart of For Haiti with Love says, “They have a very expensive cost of living now because they import so much stuff here. As our prices go up, theirs go up, plus the cargo. And because of the restlessness, they’re keeping the kids home from school, keep them safe in the streets.”

“That is usually just Port-au-Prince. But this time, it’s Cap Haitien as well. It’s pretty much country-wide.”

With violence and protests in the street, DeHart says burn injuries have become more common. In their Cap Hatien burn clinic, they treat people’s wounds and also share the story of Jesus with them. “We pray with them, bandage them, and let them know that no matter what’s going on out there, God is still with them. That’s about all you can do because it is so unpredictable.”

Pray the gang violence in Haiti would dissolve, leaving families and communities to live in peace.



The header photo shows tires burning in a 2019 protest in Haiti. (Photo courtesy of Voice of America, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)