For Haiti With Love to clean up community

By January 24, 2024
street view with dome building

Haiti (MNN) — The month of December brought plenty of rain to Haiti, and as a result, a lot of flooding, prompting an urgency to clean up the community. Rosaline DeHart from For Haiti With Love says often,  the amount of trash that fills the streets there clogs drain systems.

The waste littering Cap-Haitien’s streets is a long-standing issue, exacerbated by a lack of dump sites and an increase in plastic use. The issue prompted a recent $34.8 million waste management project

This government-led clean-up project was approved five years ago but only kicked off at the end of 2023. 

Additionally, the heavy rainfall experienced in Haiti often produces mudslides. 

“​​The people cut down the trees to make charcoal,” DeHart says. “In the end, there’s the problem with a mudslide going through town, and then taking all the trash with it, and then leaving it in town.”

In June, more than 37,000 people were affected by flooding and landslides. Many lost their homes and belongings. 

For Haiti With Love is making efforts to clean up the trash and debris so that by the next big rainfall, the flooding won’t be as much of a problem. 

Cleaning up Cap-Haitien is just part of the work For Haiti With Love is doing to share the hope of Christ with people. 

(Photo courtesy of For Haiti With Love)

DeHart says For Haiti With Love also has a program through which they bring food to people in their houses who can’t get to the market due to flooding. 

“They always want to ask, why are we doing this? And we always tell him that it’s all because Jesus loves them, and wants them to have a better life,” DeHart says. 

In December, the organization also hosted a Christmas party in northern Haiti. More than 250 children heard the story of Jesus’s birth and were given food and presents. 

DeHart asks that people pray for For Haiti With Love and donate and contribute what they can. 

“The contribution is what makes it able for us to be able to continue to help the poor in Haiti,” DeHart says. 

Pray for the team’s strength, wisdom, and courage as they continue to clean up their community and help their neighbors. 



Header image depicts the city of Cap Haitien. Photo courtesy of samu3ld via Unsplash.

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