‘Forgotten Christmas’ series refocuses churches, small groups on Christ

By December 13, 2010

International (MNN) — "Is there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?"

Charlie Brown's lament reflects the heart of Christians worldwide today. When commercialism and tradition cover the true meaning of Christmas, how are believers to refocus their attention on the birth of the Savior and keep it there?

Gospel for Asia has a way to help point you and your family in the right direction.

In a series of compelling short videos, GFA has captured the Western secular view of Christmas. They have contrasted it with the importance of generosity for local and global needs and a worldwide cry for the Good News.

The animated videos use little if any speaking; they convict the viewer simply by showing scenes that most Westerners have lived out. They go on to challenge viewers by listing statistics and facts, including the alarming truth that 2.7 billion people have yet to hear the Gospel. To view the videos, click here.

The short clips have enough depth to them that they could easily be used to focus a sermon, a small group discussion, or a family devotion. In fact, they're intended to do so. When you visit the Forgotten Christmas Web site, you will find other suggestions for getting your church involved. The videos are free to download and use, and therefore easily accessible in most any setting.

So this year, as you, your family, or your church endeavors to refocus their attention on the Event that transformed the world, include these videos in your efforts. Discuss what's behind them and how changing to reflect their challenges might enhance the kingdom and make the Good News evident in the way you celebrate this season.

View all of the videos at forgottenchristmas.org.

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