Forgotten villages are remembered in Nepal

By December 9, 2015

Nepal (MNN) — Hard-to-reach villages in the high mountains of Nepal are often the last to get help or hear news. As a result, they can accurately be regarded as “forgotten villages.”

Take, for instance, the massive earthquake in April. Aid was received after weeks–even months–of waiting. While difficult roads in-between major cities and minor villages were a contributing factor, there was another reason for delay.

Many organizations wanted to help more densely-populated areas. As a result, people in the outskirts of Nepal were disregarded for a time.

But today, with the help of World Mission, far-off communities are making their own news.

Driving nine hours on bumpy and difficult roads, World Mission’s team brought their audio Bibles, The Treasure, to forgotten villages, showing people they’re worth the time and effort.

(Photo courtesy World Mission via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy World Mission via Facebook)

What is The Treasure? It is a field-tested solid-state digital audio Bible. It is light-weight, portable, and fits in the palm of your hand. It also has a built-in solar panel with rechargeable batteries. Treasures can literally go anywhere–rain forests, deserts, mountains, and islands–and are available in thousands of languages.

“We are at a Treasure church plant–one of eleven churches that the Lord has raised up here in the mountains of Nepal through Treasure listening groups,” reports World Mission’s Greg Kelley.

“It’s just an amazing experience, being with these people, worshipping Jesus.”

Villagers sang and beat their drums in worship. Kelley says their passion for missions was clearly evident. “They have a missionary spirit to them, and their vision is to plant 30 more mountain village churches.”

World Mission is excited for the growth of Christianity in these remote settlements. Their goal is to continually aid and assist communities as they grow in the knowledge of Christ.

“And to do that,” Kelley explains, “we’ll need hundreds of Treasures so that people can encounter the Word of God, because they’re oral learners. They can’t read. So, The Treasure in the Nepalese language will be such a blessing and give them access to the Gospel for the first time in their lives.”

Forgotten villages are easily overlooked. Remember them, and let them know they’re loved and cherished by you and the Holy Spirit. $50 places one Treasure unit on the field. You could be the reason a church is planted or an entire community is led to Christ.

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  • Jenny Phuyal says:

    I would rather you spend the money on medicine or infrastructure to really help these poor nepalese people. Instead you are focused on converting them to a religion that will destroy their culture.

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