Former Buddhist Lama turns pastor

By August 20, 2015

China (MNN) — In Tibet, there’s a pastor of a new church who has already led 27 people to Christ and has plans to plant churches all across his region. But Asian Access says what makes his story really unique is the fact that he was once a religious leader in a completely different faith: Buddhism.

The man had spent almost 30 years as a Tibetan Buddhist Lama, or head monk. His duty was to prepare dead bodies for the next reincarnation. But as he worked, he would often wonder if what he was doing was actually effective. He was worried about what the afterlife might have in store for him.

Then, his wife became seriously ill. He used traditional Buddhist magic to try to heal her, but nothing he could do had any effect.

Photo Courtesy Asian Access

Asian Access president Joe Handley, left, with 2 Lamas and another man who have placed their faith in Christ.
(Photo courtesy Asian Access)

During the ordeal, his daughter started making friends with some of the girls from the Christian Children’s Home. She was struck by the difference she saw between these girls and the rest of her friends, and she began going to their church.

As time passed and her mother got even more ill, the little girl invited her father to church. She pleaded with him, insisting that they could help.

For months her father refused, but finally he succumbed to his curiosity and attended church, taking his wife and daughter along with him. That day, by the time he had returned home, his wife had miraculously recovered, and he committed his life to Jesus.

Since then, his passion has been to spread the Gospel to villages in his region that have no church. A group of Christians established a new church so believers wouldn’t have to walk as far, and they asked the former Lama to be the new pastor.

The man is being discipled by the leader of Asian access, and through his care, almost 30 people have accepted Christ and been baptized.

Because of his past, this man will be under extreme threat, but he has a such a heart for missions that it seems he cannot be stopped.

Pray that he will continue to spread God’s Word and bring the message of new life in Christ to the villages he cares so much for.


  • RUSH says:

    The angel of the Lord encamps around those that fear Him and He delivers them from all their troubles. Psalm 34:7

    May the risen Lord Yashuah bless and keep you
    May He make His face shine upon you and grant you His peace, His Word, His Spirit, His faith, His boldness and His protection in the mighty name of our Lord Yashuah….Amen

  • André Reis says:

    Hello! I have been praying for Tibet for quite a while and, even with a lot of research, I have never found any kind of christian mission in this region! God gave me a heart for the Tibetan people and I would love to get the contact of these brothers of Christ. Is that possible?

  • Sharon Felten says:

    Hi Andres, Thank you for your note. You can find out more about what Asian Access is doing in Tibet by contacting them via Email: [email protected], or by Phone: (626) 914-8990. God bless you!

  • Tenzin says:

    The words of living God will flourish everywhere.
    I am attending Tibetan church in Kathmandu.I am Tibetan refugee in Nepal.
    Please contact me in [email protected] for resources and information exchange.

  • Bosire says:

    Awesome! Reminds me that God is still at work and Christ is alive! Thanks to the brethren who were involved.

  • David Tenzin says:

    Hello, praise the Lord, Tibetan need his love, his way and his salvation. Thanks Lord for his preparation in Tibetan people.
    Email: [email protected] God bless you!

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