Forward thinking in Kenya’s marketplace plants future hope.

By April 3, 2007

(MNN) — Next week, Global Advance's Jonathon Shibley will be tackling the
graft and corruption in Kenya's
economic system through Marketplace Missions conferences. "We want
to really encourage and equip emerging businesspersons who are believers to
see that God wants to use their business to bless the nation, to bless the
church, and create resources to be a blessing."

The conferences often
strategically align pastors and Christian business leaders in developing
nations for the cause of Christ in their nations. Leaders teach the principles of integrity in business, help participants identify and
battle the roots of poverty in their region, and sharpen
participants' general accounting, marketing, management, and entrepreneurial

Since launching the
Marketplace Missions track, Global Advance discovered there were other needs as well. The launch of their Business Institute
provides a series of high-level business seminars focusing on the areas of
Marketing, Strategic Management, Financial Management, Human Resources, and
Internet Technology.

The new paradigm in missions is a Great Commission force in
the marketplace. Shibley says Kenya's
economic situation won't change overnight, but they're encouraging these
Christians to be "forward thinkers." "They're sowing seeds for their sons
and daughters, and their grandchildren, and the nation that they will inherit
one day by, one person at a time, building into spiritual capital, doing
transactions from a godly perspective, and by integrating faith into their
day-to-day business operations."

How? Marketplace Missionaries from the West will invest
slices of their time, talents, and money towards the development of our brothers
and sisters in less-developed nations. As a result, new businesses will be formed, and God's people will begin
to rise out of economic oppression and injustice.

In turn, the lost will be attracted to our God because of
His power and grace at work outside of church walls. The Church in developing
nations will begin to operate not just in just spiritual strength, but in fiscal

Click here if you want more information about how to get
involved with Marketplace Missions.

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