Foster care adoption: impacting the next generation

By May 6, 2015
(Photo courtesy Bethany)

(Photo courtesy Bethany)

USA (MNN) — “It takes a village to raise a child,” claims an old African proverb.

Well, there are nearly 400,000 foster kids in the U.S. It’s going to take more than one or two families to help them.

“These are kids that wake up every morning and don’t have a home, don’t have a mom and dad. We can change that,” says Initials, Inc. co-founder Ivy Hall.

Introducing those vulnerable kids to Christ is at the heart of the partnership between Initials, Inc. and Bethany Christian Services.

“To have an opportunity to support Bethany, who is doing amazing work–not only in meeting the physical needs for these children, but also the spiritual needs–is a decision that did not take long to make,” Hall recalls.

Initials, Inc.

A decade ago, Hall and her sister, Britney, started their own direct-selling company called Initials, Inc. The company’s home-based “independent consultants” sell items like handbags, accessories, and home organization products.

Learn more about Initials, Inc. here.

(Photo courtesy Initials, Inc. via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy Initials, Inc. via Facebook)

The business took off, and its co-founders began seeking ways to “give back.” A few years ago, they began exploring causes close to their heart, and they came across Bethany.

“Foster care is near and dear to both Britney and I,” says Hall. “Our grandmother was in foster care from the age of 3 to the age of 6.”

At 6 years old, Ivy and Britney’s grandmother was adopted by a “strong Christian woman” who introduced her to Jesus. Every life that changes as a result of Christ’s salvation is powerful, but the effect didn’t stop there.

“The impact of adoption is generational,” explains Hall. “Brittany and I like to say that we’re ‘ripples in a pond.’ [Our grandmother’s salvation] changed everything for us.”

With your help, there can be more stories like this one.

Paying it forward

Through the Initials, Inc. iCare Foundation, $5 from each “Your Best Life” case purchase is given to Bethany’s No One Without (NOW) campaign.

“To date, we’ve been able to fully fund over 21 adoptions,” shares Hall.

InitialsInc_foster care adoption

(Photo courtesy Initials, Inc.)

Better yet, “just in mobilizing and sharing this information with our field, having them out talking about it with their customers, Bethany attributes over a 30% increase in inquiries in foster care adoption.”

Funding foster care adoptions is certainly a good reason to buy a purse. But, it’s not the only way you can make a difference.

“If we can mobilize more people to learn more about foster care adoption, then wow! This has been just a great day,” Hall says.

Does your family have room to grow? Learn more about foster care adoption here.

“Those of you who are out there doing it already, I just want to say thank you,” Hall concludes.

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