France deports more Roma despite critics

By August 27, 2010

France (MNN) — After deporting 10,000 Roma from the country
last year, France continues its crackdown on the Roma minority, having
deported 283 last Thursday with plans to deport more.

These deportations took place despite criticism from the European
Union (EU), Vatican, and United Nations, though France claims they are in
accordance with European law, according to EuroNews.

Lee DeYoung with Words of Hope says France's recent actions
align with the attitude of the majority of other nations around the world where
the Roma live: "The recent expulsion controversy in France, in a way,
reflects the attitude that most different people groups have had toward the
Roma people for many centuries."

Though originally from India, today the Roma have no
country or territory to call their own and are instead dispersed around the
world. "They live as minorities in many different
places, and typically have been shunned and looked down upon and treated as
second class citizens,"
De Young said.

Since this attitude has been prevalent for years, DeYoung does
not expect it to change any time soon. And since the Roma in France are being deported
from one EU country to another, DeYoung says unfortunately they will probably
be treated the same way.

However, because of the way they are shunned and degraded,
they are more open to the message of Christ, especially as Words of Hope broadcasts
in the Romani language.

For the Roma, Christ's love for all–regardless of race, age or social
status–is revolutionary and sometimes the first place they have ever found
acceptance. In fact, DeYoung says, some Christians anticipate more and more
Roma turning to Christ and becoming a driving force in proclaiming the Gospel
to the nations.

Join Words of Hope in prayer as they continue to broadcast the message of God's love with the Roma. Pray that they will continue to
learn about the truth and unconditional love of Christ. "Although in various countries they are not welcome, in the kingdom
of God, there is a place for them," says DeYoung.

To support Words of Hope's ministry and ensure the continuation of
broadcasts in Romani, click here.

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