Frontline ministry hits hard at home.

By March 30, 2005

Haiti (MNN)–The demand for help increases daily in Haiti as the international community focuses elsewhere. For Haiti with Love’s Eva DeHart says they’re responding.

Their teams are working to make life better for the poorest of the poor in Northern Haiti. “We do have 18 pallets of food packs, which is about 50,000 meals of vegetables, rice, chicken flavoring and lots of vitamins. They should have those up at headquarters by the weekend, so the food program is in pretty good shape.”

Teams show God’s love by following the Lord’s commands in Matthew 25:35-41 to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, and shelter the homeless. So, the ministry points people to Christ through their compassion projects that includes a free 24-hour medical clinic, feeding programs, and construction programs.

But even as the DeHarts make sure their projects are supplied and running smoothly, the spiritual warfare they face reveals their effectiveness. Among other obstacles, life-threatening illnesses have struck DeHart’s family.

Eva says Don is struggling now to regain weight and strength with cancer in this throat. The cancer is SCC, actually a skin cancer that developed on a vocal cord and grew from there. It was triggered by burning his throat and lungs with fumes of undiluted Clorox while cleaning in Haiti.

In Don’s case, the situation developed into the loss of his right vocal cord and larynx with the implanting of a prosthetic larynx. Only recently home from the surgery, he faces a long road ahead for rehabilitation.

On the same day Don went into surgery in Tampa, Eva’s mother went to the hospital in Indiana and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, more than likely terminal.

Knowing the lengthy illness would sap strength, the DeHarts began training their adopted daughter, Rosaline to run the For Haiti with Love 24-hour emergency medical clinic.

Eva asks for the support of prayer warriors during this difficult time. “It’s the administrative level and the Florida end that is really having the challenges right now. Pray for healing for Don, for peace and no pain for my mother, for strength for me.”

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