Funding needed for Missionary Flights

By October 1, 2013

USA (MNN) — A ministry that serves the people of Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and countries hit by hurricanes or other disasters in the region needs your help. They're replacing their large DC-3 gasoline powered airplane. Why?

Dick Snook with Missionary Flights International says, "They don't build those engines and they haven't built them for a long time, so it's hard to get good overhauls. [Also, in] a lot of the third world countries that we go to, there is no avgas anymore, no gasoline for those airplanes. So we have had to start moving over to turbine powered DC-3s."

Snook says these aircraft require less maintenance and use cheaper and more readily-available jet fuel. What else will it do? "A new airplane will give us a better back-up and also it would allow us to go places we haven't been able to go to this point."

The foundation of Missionary Flights International is evangelism. "All the missions we fly for must actively be presenting the Gospel to the people of Haiti, or the Dominican Republic, or wherever they work. It can't be just strictly humanitarian."

Snook says if everyone on their mailing list would give $300, they'd reach their $2 million goal. You can help them meet that goal and support the plane effort here.

Missionary Flights would like to have the new plane in place in time for their 50th anniversary next year.

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