Fundraiser success a sign of God’s provision

By September 12, 2007

Honduras (MNN) — The Baler Project started growing its funds in 2005 after one man's trip to Honduras.

Donavan Van Wyk and David Hawk discussed the need for better silage for the farm at the Escuela El Salvador (School of the Sower) near Catacamas, Honduras. 

World Gospel Mission
missionaries started the school for underprivileged boys in 1954. The farm and animals are a source of income as well as food for the school. They also use it as a teaching tool for the kids. Proper forage and nutrition for the livestock is crucial, and they needed better equipment to provide it. 

Van Wyk endeavored to raise the $30,000 it would take to purchase and ship the equipment the farm needed. Through charitable donations, charity dinners, other events, and finally a quilt auction, the entire amount of the money was raised. 

With the money, they were able to purchase a tractor, bale wrapper and bale processor, which came with a discounted baler and mower conditioner. In addition, they were able to have a trailer custom-built and painted by volunteers for only the material costs. 

A Baler Project team, including Van Wyk, traveled to El Sembrador to assemble the materials and train staff to operate the equipment.

Though there is a farm at El Sembrador, the school does not teach farming. When the school first opened, students were required to work four hours on the farm in addition to their four hours in class. The idea of work and study is still an important part of how El Sembrador operates today. 

There are more than 2,000 acres of land used for the production of sorghum, corn, rice, beans produce and pasture. With 1,000 head of beef and dairy cattle, chickens, and a hog farm, the boys should certainly stay busy.

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