Funds needed to distribute Bibles

By October 9, 2008

International (MNN) — The bookshelves are overflowing right now at Christian Resources International, and the books are collecting dust. CRI has almost no funding to distribute these books or to help the people they've set out to support.

CRI is a book and Bible supplier for churches and pastors all over the world. Christians that have extra Bibles and Christian books lying around their houses are encouraged to send them in, and CRI will ship them to believers in need.

Although recent economic crises have not hit CRI in book reception, they certainly have interrupted their distribution flow. "We need to send three containers [of books] out in the next two months," says CRI's Fred Palmerton. "We need funding for all three containers right now. We need about $40,000."

CRI receives over 400 letters every month from desperate pastors around the world that have few or no Bibles for their churches. In contrast, the average American Christian is estimated to own about nine Bibles. Unfortunately at this point, CRI needs more than just these extra books and Bibles.

If the necessary funding isn't raised, "the books are going to be sitting idle," says Palmerton. "It doesn't do that needy soul overseas any good if they don't have the Bible in their hands."

CRI has ministries waiting all over the world for supplies. Although CRI is anxious to provide materials for these ministries, Palmerton notes, "We know God will provide."

To help CRI in their endeavor to support and encourage fellow believers around the globe, click here. Donations can be made, or books can be sent directly through CRI's Operation "Bare Your Bookshelf."

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