Funds needed to send Bibles to tsunami victims in India

By March 22, 2005

India (MNN) — Fisherman and others who lived along the coast have lost their livelihoods and their entire families. Many are now living in refugee camps struggling with grief and fear of the future. All of these emotions continue nearly three months after the tsunami hit India and 11 other nations in the region.

In response, Bibles for the World is shifting its focus to help those who struggle to live each day. Many organizations are requesting New Testaments to minister to those suffering in the region as many victims began asking questions about life’s purpose, death, God and judgment. All of these answers can be found in God’s Word and Bibles for the World needs your help to do it.

Your gift of $30 a month can provide six Bibles each month to someone in spiritual need. To help go to or call (888) 38-BIBLE (in USA).

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