GAIN USA sends help and hope to Haiti

By November 12, 2012

Haiti (MNN) — It's been three weeks since Superstorm Sandy brought the food crisis in one of the world's poorest countries to a new level. More than 20 inches of rain in Haiti led to flooding that washed out about 70% of crops in the country's southern regions.

Chambrun is among the severely-affected areas, and they recently received help and hope from Global Aid Network.

GAIN USA–the humanitarian aid arm of Campus Crusade for Christ–shipped a container of food to Nehemiah Vision Ministries in Haiti. The container held 500 boxes of food, all packaged by a Minnesota-based non-profit. It arrived on a Sunday, and since the relief aid was distributed at a church, Haitians heard the Gospel message while waiting to receive their food.

Pray that their hearts would be softened to receive Christ as their Savior.

Excluding damage from Sandy, Haiti's government estimated losses from 2012 natural disasters to be around $254 million. George Ngwa, a spokesman for the United Nations' humanitarian mission in Haiti, said in an interview that about 90% of Haiti's crops have been destroyed by natural disasters this year. In the north, crops were taken out by severe drought in May and June. Then tropical storm Isaac came along in August, and nine weeks later, Sandy cleared out anything that remained.

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Haitian government say they'll need $74 million over the next year to rehabilitate crops. In the meantime, FAO says $4 million is needed to help 2,000 families make it through the next month.

Pray for the 2 million Haitians on the brink of malnutrition. Pray that God would move Haiti's leaders to act on behalf of their people.

You can help send more food to Haiti through GAIN USA. Click here to support the ministry's Disaster Relief efforts.

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