Nepali teens gather for a first-ever event

By November 12, 2012

Nepal (MNN) — "I can't believe we expected 25 students, and over 70 came!" said an Operation Mobilization team member. The first-ever TeenStreet event was held in Nepal in October, and it was a hit.

OM Nepal's Training Centre hosted the high energy camp which provided teaching and worship segments. Morning sessions included dramas and testimonies, as well as teaching and small group discussions.

In the afternoon, the young people participated in activities and team games.

Special classes were offered on three of the afternoons. The teens could sign up these sessions which included topics such as having devotions, musicology, and self-defense.

The Nepali teenagers were able to relax and have fun, while learning more of what it means to be a believer.

The drama team did a presentation depicting what Jesus did on the cross. Through this drama performed by a Nepali youth group and a few volunteers, many students were brought to tears as they saw what Jesus sacrificed.

By the end of the week, the teens had a better understanding of God and His sacrificial love.

Pray that the students impacted by this event will go home and share what they learned. Pray that this ministry will continue to grow and that students will come to have a better understanding of the Scripture.

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