An Emu farm has opened up many doors

By November 12, 2012

India (MNN) — Emus are bringing hope to orphans in India.

India Partners Operating Director Dean Rees reports that land was purchased for an Emu Farm, "and we provided funding through several grants that allow them to purchase the chicks, rent the land, and purchase the other equipment that they need in order to raise emus."

It's a creative initiative to support orphans and children living at the Little Lamps Children's Home.

"They use the emus to support a range of things, but all related to their ministry," says Rees. "So they will use the proceeds and the meat for their children's home…. Several different pastors have planted churches in the surrounding area, and they are using those funds to help support their efforts, as well."

India Partners sees sustainability as the future of mission growth. Rees says, "We found that our donors, for the most part, would like to see a project started and be able to generate its own support down the road."

The farm is also opening many doors that were previously shut. Prior to opening the farm, many people in the community did not want to talk to a pastor. Now that pastors are also seen as businessmen and workers, the people are willing to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

"They see [pastors] working in the community, and they see them doing things for themselves rather than just seeking support from outsiders," says Rees. "The business has given them respect in the community, and the local population respects the work he is doing."

This project, along with several other self-sustainable projects, have all been funded by donors. You can help by clicking here.

As you think about India and the work India Partners is doing, pray for the success of the projects. Also pray that the funds they receive will be able to help those in need.

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