Gang violence grips Port-au-Prince

By July 5, 2022

Haiti (MNN) — Armed robbers shot and killed an Italian nun in Haiti last week. She ran a home for poor children in Port-au-Prince.

Gang violence has ravaged Haiti’s capital for months. A representative to the U.N. says gangs have been tightening their control over the metropolitan area and suburbs. Elections to form a new government likely won’t happen this year.

Kate Michel with Radio 4VEH, a partner of Trans World Radio (TWR) says, “It’s really affecting not just the people in Port au Prince, but also supply routes from the capital to other parts of the country. Thankfully, our station is in Cap Haitian, which has been somewhat protected from gang activity. Although that has increased in recent months.”

“Our staff can still get to work and be about the ministry.”

Radio 4VEH

Michel is the Communications Director at 4VEH, which has broadcasted the hope of Jesus to Haiti for 72 years. The station added television in 2015.

As the gang activity has grown, Michel says interest in their programming has increased. “Radio still reaches most of the people of Haiti. For example, am station will reach way across the country to farmers listening to their little radios in their fields. People will listen to the radio in the marketplace.”


Michel says 4VEH heard from one listener, named Martin. “On New Year’s Eve last year, he wrote and said, ‘I thank the Lord so much for giving me 365 days of life in 2021. And I thank 4VEH for all of the spiritual and the psychological support in 2021.”

One program that 4VEH has seen a lot of people interested in is a midday prayer program. Michel says, “This is live-streamed on Facebook, YouTube, and other applications as well as broadcast on our AM and FM radios and local television. We get hundreds and hundreds of prayer requests every day.”

Ask God to protect Haitians from gang violence and fill them with the Holy Spirit.



Header photo courtesy of 4VEH Friends on Facebook. 

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