Gaza peace talks continue amidst sounds of war

By January 29, 2009

Middle East (MNN) — Hope is
fading for a truce between Israel and Hamas. Neither side will concede key points that could end the war. 

Lee DeYoung with Words of
says there is a hunger for truth amidst the game of

In response to this hunger for truth, Words of Hope has formed a
partnership with the Middle East Reformed Fellowship (MERF) and the Christian Reformed
Church's Back to God Ministries International to produce Christian radio programs. 

The Gospel is broadcast via Trans World Radio into Gaza and North Africa. The purpose? "Our programs in Arabic are
geared to engage listeners in conversation. They seek to examine the beliefs that many listeners inherit from their
families and communities. Some of the
beliefs misrepresent the true teachings of the Bible, and others misrepresent
the Christian life." 

The theme
resonates powerfully to a war-weary people.
"In light of the conflict in Gaza, our programs are
focusing on the theme 'The Prince of Peace: the life teaching and redemptive
work of Jesus Christ.'"

DeYoung shares this story from their staff: "There was a believer in Palestine who
recently sent a text message saying, 'Please pray for our protection as
Palestinians, and especially for all who are still in Gaza who are facing this

This text is
like thousands of others pouring in daily. The response has been so heavy, Words of Hope has had to hire new staff
to handle the communication with the listeners. Keep praying
for the remnant church in the Middle East. Click here if you can help.



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