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HCJB Global has new president

By January 29, 2009

USA (MNN) — HCJB Global is getting ready for a new chapter in their history. The ministry is inaugurating the ministry's 7th president tonight in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Pederson has a great wealth of radio experience. He was the Vice President for Broadcasting at Moody Radio and Northwestern College Radio and comes to HCJB with a passion to reach the lost world for Christ.

Mission Network News caught up with Pederson before his inauguration. He says this event isn't about him. "This is an opportunity to present the mission and the vision of HCJB Global. It's an opportunity for ministry partners across the country and around the world to come together and hear what God is doing through HCJB and where we're going as a mission in the five regions around the world."

Pederson says technology is going to allow the ministry to expand its ministry, but not through aging short-wave and similar technology. Pederson says, "Internet, live streaming, podcasting, using mobile devices, sending Scripture messages out on SMS with text messaging." He adds, "We're looking at doing video for Facebook and YouTube and using some of the social networking that's available globally as a very cost-effective way at getting the message out."

While the technology is changing, HCJB's maintains a steady focus — to share the Gospel with those who haven't heard. "We are focusing on and finding access into areas of the world that were previously closed to the Gospel — places in Eastern Europe and North Africa that we can't even talk about publicly. But the Gospel is going out in marvelous ways through the new technology."

While the world faces an economic crisis, Pederson says ministry in the Middle East is very cost-effective, and everyone can help. "Our ministry in North Africa and the Middle East costs about $1-million a year, but we're reaching one million homes every week. And there are seven or eight people in each home. So for one dollar, we can reach a household in North African and the Middle East for a whole year."

That means your family can give $100 to reach 100 families in the Muslim world with the Gospel.

Pederson says it make sense to focus on these areas because that's where the strongest responses are coming from.

However, the ministry can't do it with their aging missionary force. Pederson says, "Half of the world's population us under  age 25. We could say that the 'under 25 generation' is the largest unreached people group in the world. So we need to use new technology, recruit young talent to reach that next generation with the Gospel."

Pray for HCJB and for Wayne Pederson as they move ahead to preach the Gospel and make disciples of all nations.

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