Genocide in Burma, Christians unaware

By December 9, 2010

Burma (MNN) — While flawed elections are over in Burma, the atrocities against the Karen people of Burma are not. It's a situation that's been all but ignored by the world.

President and founder of Vision Beyond Borders Patrick Klein likens the situation to a genocide. "We're hearing reports that 500,000 to 600,000 Karen people have been wiped out by the government. They're just going in and slaughtering whole villages. Some think it's worse than what's happening in Darfur."

Klein says the Karen people feel isolated and alone. Because of that, Vision Beyond Borders has taken up their cause. Even VBB has been ignored, especially by the international media. "They say, 'Oh no, American people don't want to hear about this. They're not interested.' So there seems to be a media blockade to keep the world from knowing what's really happening with these Karen people."

That's why Vision Beyond Borders has produced a documentary DVD hosted by actor Kirk Cameron. "Jesus said, 'If one part of the body suffers, we all suffer.' Part of our body is suffering in Burma, and yet nobody knows."

This information blockade is even perpetuated by governments. "We've heard even in Thailand that some of the ministries have been told that they're not to report on this. If they do, the ministries will be kicked out of Thailand."

Klein says that may be an economic reaction to their plight. "A lot of countries…are getting their natural resources from Burma. They're working with the Burmese military. As long as they can get their natural resources, we don't care."

The DVD features testimonies of villagers about the atrocities. It also focuses on what God is doing in the refugee camps.

While the DVD is an important resource, VBB also has a prayer guide to go with it. "We want to call the church to pray," Klein explains. "So we've put together this 30-Day Prayer Guide. I think when we see this DVD, it really touches our hearts. But then when we take it to prayer, it goes from our head to our heart and we start to get a heart for these people. We realize that these are our brothers and sisters suffering for their faith."

Despite the unspeakable violence, people are coming to Christ — especially children — many of whom have watched their parents slaughtered.

VBB is making this DVD and 30-Day Prayer Guide available to you FREE. Klein would like you to watch it, share it with your Sunday school class, church or other groups to help them understand the situation.

To get your DVD and Prayer Guide, click here.

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