Hope: a TEAM response to Zimbabwe’s AIDS crisis

By July 13, 2010

Zimbabwe (MNN) – Government figures show that Zimbabwe's HIV/AIDS rate is
roughly 15%.

The decline is linked directly to changes in  behavior and education about the
disease. Education comes from programs
that were set up to address the epidemic, which led to hundreds of HIV/AIDS
projects in Africa–some are successful, many are not. Some of the programs only partially address
the issue rather than address the core of the problem.

That's why The Evangelical Alliance Mission is taking a different approach in
order to assist in lasting change. 

They want to see a "grass roots" movement owned by the local church so that
the initiative will continue long after the launch and can become independent of the funds
from the West that serve as a catalyst.

The ZITA Alliance is responding with Christ-like holistic ministry to
the HIV/AIDS crisis. A network is already forming between churches,
non-governmental groups, and others. 

The goal: to see a vibrant, Biblically-mature Church in Zimbabwe become a
model for sub-Saharan Africa. TEAM will help the Zimbabwe Christian church develop
leadership for a nationally networked approach. TEAM has been in Zimbabwe for 70 years,
developing a reputation for consistent, compassionate caring.

There are more details here.

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