Germany is considered a ‘new’ mission field by national believers.

By September 26, 2003

Germany (MNN) — The home of Martin Luther and the Reformation is now considered a ‘new’ mission field by the national church. Greater Europe Mission’s Jeffrey Robinson says this is good news.

“When Eastern Germany opened up, this wasn’t the case. (Even) missionaries in North America thought the Germans would take care of their own, but that wasn’t the case.”

I think the most difficult things within the German culture is to get people to talk about their faith,” says Robinson. He says just raising awareness in the national church is the most important issue right now.

The other issue is that young people have a desire to return to traditional values. He explains why young people feel this way. “The youth are looking for some stability. They’re seeing the world in an unstable place and they’re looking at what they’re calling here the ‘old fashion’ values, (or) what Christians would maybe (call) Christian values. Perhaps, if this is truly a trend, this will also give us as a church an opportunity.”

Robinson is praying this trend is true because it could change another development which isn’t as encouraging. “We’re also facing by the year 2020 that Islam could eventually become the majority religion here in Germany.”

Robinson says they have a three fold plan to help the over all problem. They have on an ongoing outreach program to the Muslim Turkish community. They’re planting churches in the northern and eastern parts of the country. And, they’re targeting the youth with English camps and internet cafe’s.

Robinson says more workers are needed for this ‘new’ mission field.

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