A missions group slates an international conference of indigenous missions.

By September 26, 2003

USA (MNN)–The year 2003 marks the 50th anniversary of Christian Aid Mission in the U.S. and Canada. To commemorate this milestone, Christian Aid of Canada will host an International Conference of Indigenous Missions in Niagara Falls, Ontario called simply Gateways.

The conference, held October 16-18, will be a unique missions conference, the first of its kind to be held in North America.

Gateways will focus on indigenous missionary movements around the world and North America as a multicultural missions field at home.

The theme: “Hear their Hearts, See their World” will impart a vision of the gateways that now exist to extend the gospel.

Gateways will gather evangelical church leaders and laypersons from across North America and indigenous mission leaders from all over the world.

They will learn from one another, inspire, make strategy, pray and seek the vision for missions from God together. This conference will provide a wonderful opportunity for the churches in North America and the developing world to meet one another and receive a new vision for missions from one another.

Indigenous missions is a gateway whose time has come, an open door to the millions of souls not reached by many western mission boards today. Indigenous missions provide a new way of missionary outreach for the churches in North America.

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