A meeting of the minds in Panama may determine the course of partnerships for the church in Latin America.

By September 26, 2003

Panama (MNN)–Latin America Mission, an evangelical Christian organization, collaborates with local, grassroots ministries throughout Latin America.

In light of that vision, leadership teams are always looking for the best ways to grow relationship in light of evangelism.

A mid-September consultation of Latin American Christian leaders and North American mission personnel has reached some innovative conclusions about the future of expatriate mission work in that region.

LAM’s Ken MacHarg says, of the meetings, “The nearly one hundred missionaries and church leaders who met in Panama cautioned that differing perspectives between North and Latin Americans are the main barriers to cooperative missionary effort.”

The conclusions are being put together into a reflective statement that will be made available to anyone interested in ministry in Latin America.

MacHarg went on to say, “The participants agreed that church and mission leaders need to stop thinking in terms of North Americans and Latin Americans with separate roles, but as co-participants in the mission given by God.”

Latin pastors and leaders emphasized the continuing opportunities for mission work in the region. MacHarg adds the statement of vision, “affirmed that the need of the Latin church is for missionaries to work in specialized ministry areas with an attitude of mutual respect and teamwork. ”

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