A Shariah law decision has Nigerian believers wary.

By September 26, 2003

Nigeria (MNN)–An Islamic appeals court Thursday threw out the case of a Nigerian woman sentenced to death by stoning for committing adultery, a case that sharpened the divide between Muslims and Christians in Africa’s most populous country.

Todd Nettleton, with Voice of the Martyrs, says, “It’s a very tense situation for Christians to see how the Sharia law will be implemented. It is fundamentally unfair to say to Christians you have to live by Muslim law, and yet that’s what’s being done in many places of Northern Nigeria.”

Nettleton says the case also provides opportunities that may not have existed before. “It does have an effect, and it’s a negative effect on Christian ministry there, but the Lord is faithful and even where persecution exists the church is growing. So, we know that there will be growth in the church and we know this will produce stronger and more fervent Christians. But, obviously, it’s a costly road and a costly path to be on.”

The region recently adopted Muslim law, as have 11 of the country’s 36 states. The introduction triggered violent clashes between Christians and Muslims that killed thousands.

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